Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bring on the Zulu Knots!

It's getting harder to do Nina's hair simply because she's mobile so she'd prefer to move than sit. But she's still awfully patient with me. I decided the other day that it was time to try Zulu Knots. Her hair is so long that when I made the initial ponytail and started wrapping it, I actually tied it in a knot and then wrapped it all the way around! Her hair is about 10 inches from root to end at this point if you pull her gorgeous curls out.

Be patient NeeNee, we're in for another hour of styling!
(She looks just thrilled, doesn't she?)

A close up - almost done!

Finis (and it lasted 3 days!)

Friday, February 20, 2009

As Promised

The kids reading their Valentine's Day magazines from Grammy and Poppy. They each got a 1-year subscription to magazines by the Cricket group and they love them! (and Nina is enjoying Mama's National Geographic!)

The Nina

She'll be running around before we know it.

I found the neatest organization this morning. I've again taken up knitting (much to my mother's dismay, as I have to call her every 8 seconds asking, "Now the directions say to do such-and-such. What does that mean?" as though she can "describe" how to knit over the phone). I subscribe to the Lion Brand newsletter, and this month they are featuring a neat charity called Knit-A-Square.

Their tagline is: Knit a Square to Keep a Cold Child Warm.

You can read all about them on their site but, basically, they ask knitters to knit a square (or two, or seventeen) and mail them to them. They then mail them to South Africa where the Soweto Comfort Club (a group of women from a church in South Africa) stitch the squares together to create warm blankets for the children of the region who often suffer through cold nights with no blankets.

The site gives tons of information on the organization, the process, and even how to knit! I promise, knitting a square is an easy undertaking if you're patient. It's quick and very rewarding. Once you start, you may not stop! Who knows what is in your knitting future? Blankets, scarves, sweaters, booties, hats? The options are endless!

If anyone is interested in this, let me know. I may set a goal for Believe Impossible Things to collect xx number of knitted squares to send to Knit-A-Square and on to South Africa. Think how many blankets we could provide to keep children warm at night!

We can even do an online knitting tutorial for those of you interested in getting started. I promise, if I can do it, anyone can do it!

Come on Katie - you need to be rewarded with the joy of completing more than the eyebrow warmer you created 7 years ago!

Saturday, February 14, 2009


I promise, promise, promise new pictures are coming.

For today, I need a bit of help. Consider it a Valentine's Day gift. I won't get one otherwise. The kids won't even share so much as a Hershey Kiss with me.

I've entered a blog contest at Frankly, it's a pretty cool site.

If you have a moment, would you go to, click on Current Episode at the top, and then scroll down and find my post underneath their video? It's presently #2 under the Most Recent tab. It's titled Dads of Twins: God Love 'Em.

In the narrow column to the left of each post summary are 3 categories: funny, helpful, & honest. All you have to do to vote is click on one (or all!) of the categories. I'd love to win funny, but I'll take anything! You can click on all 3 categories and cast a vote in each one, if you'd like.

I'm presently in 2nd place for Funny, so I need to call on all my peeps out there to give me a hand. I asked my kids for help, and then said, "Sorry Mom, we're heading out into the snow." 


Thank you!

And I shall reward you with recent photos of my glorious princes and princesses within 72 hours (though this is dependent upon my glorious husband's photo editing timelines).