Thursday, January 24, 2008

Dedicated to Laurie Hausam

This post is for Laurie Hausam, whom I've not (yet) met, but who's been such a support to me through this process and is not pleased that I haven't posted in weeks (or months, who knows). Laurie has a beautiful family including an incredible new baby daughter from Ethiopia and I just know she's going to continue to be invaluable to me!

Adanise - I got your comment but can't figure out how to connect with you via your blog. Drop me an email at!

The latest: we're still chugging along! We officially went onto the waitlist on January 11th, and we were, at that time, #14. I don't know exactly what this means in terms of timing, but we were told 2-6 months.

The bedroom is also coming along. We finally have a window! And my bookshelf is taking shape. I found myself in the attic the other night with a saw, some PVC elbows, PVC glue, and a flashlight at which point David had a mini-fit because the contractor was supposed to go up there to move a pipe, however he did not. Therefore, I took it upon myself to do it, but realized relatively quickly that this particular task was far beyond my abilities. So now the contractor has agreed to do it and hopefully that will take place on Sunday.

After that, the room will be officially "finished" from the perspective of needing outside contractors, and I'll get to work finishing the interior. I'm thinking cork for the floor. Nothing definitive yet, but I'm definitely leaning in that direction.

Laurie - I promise I'll post more often!

More soon!


God Gift From Ethiopia said...

I am going to email you but to leave me a message look on the side for my blog under blog archieve and double click on the last one. This will show the last one in the middle of the page and you you will be able to comments. You are right in top of me in the girls list.

The Hausams said...

Well, dang my timing! The first time I go actual DAYS without checking your blog and I'm honored in the actual title! :P
Hey, the room is lookin' GREAT! Gotta love making progress on the baby's room!
Are you coming to the Union this summer??? Pleaseohpleaseohplease!
Laurie :)

The Hausams said...

btw, Liz, do you know that your profile isn't public?