Monday, January 28, 2008

Laurie - is my profile public now? I feel very technically inept.

This is just to show how tired some 3-year-olds get in our house. The kid is SOUND asleep in this position!

I was most excited the other day because I went to one of my favorite stores and an outfit that I previously fell in love with but could not justify purchasing was on sale for 50% off! Now, even at 50% off, it was expensive by my standards. Those who know me well know that I am as frugal as it gets when it comes to clothing. Why? Because I KNOW that the outfit that's $19.50 at the Gap will soon be $6.99, so why should I pay $19.50 for it?

Friends call and say, "You'll never believe the deal I got on this or that for so-and-so" and I say, "Yes I will and I bet it'll be even less expensive in a week!"

At any rate, I splurged because, and I think you'll agree, this is a perfect little number. Of course, she will not be permitted to eat, drink, drool, or move in it because it clearly requires an iron and I don't iron. In fact, the other day I WAS ironing something and all four kids came in independent of one another and asked what that "thing" was.

Grace was with me and she desperately wanted an outfit that matches her sister's. So we picked up this other little ditty. When I came home and checked it out online, I was interested to note that the dresses are the "Grace" style! Coincidence?

In about 10 minutes, the baby's room (from a construction standpoint) will be complete and I can actually start painting, installing woodwork, and flooring. It's going to be a great weekend!


Outdrsycple said...


We are a couple adopting from Ethiopia too. I was reading through your blog today and noticed that the carpet in one of your pictures matches your blog template! Just thought I'd point that out...and I love that your little guy can sleep like that!

The Hausams said...

LOL, that sleep postion is hysterical! My Poppy can sleep anywhere, anytime, too. Darling outfits! I never buy anything that requires an iron anymore, either. I can't believe I used to iron Marg's dresses every week when she was little. Completely insane. Btw, yep, your profile's public now. :)