Monday, February 18, 2008

Hilarity, Part 1

This is going to have to a 2-part post because I don't think I have time to type it all at once.

First of all, I was so elated this morning to see that Ted and Tracie made it safely to Ethiopia to pick up their sweet Abel. It's so fun to live through others during this time of waiting. We have officially been on the waitlist for 6 weeks and are #12 on the list.

The bookshelf in the baby's room is just about finished. I swear, for days I'd go in there and simply stare at it, unable to work on it because the final steps were so tedious that I got overwhelmed and decided to procrastinate. Finally, on Friday night, I told David that we simply HAD to get it done or I was going to lose my mind.

I required his assistance because one of us had to hold the cabinet doors while the other screwed them into place. He held, I screwed. But, you see, he was holding in such a way as to prevent me from being able to get the drill in there. And he refused to move. So I was like up, around, and through him trying to get the drill in the hole. It was the worst game of Twister I've ever played.

In addition, I needed his height. He's 6'6" and the bookshelf unit is 9 feet tall. So, with his arms stretched, he can reach significantly higher than I can to install shelves.

Thankfully, the kids were in the family room watching a movie (which was turned up quite a bit) because there was a good amount of innapropriate language being uttered in the baby's room (unfortunate, but true).

At one point, my hand slipped while I was sanding something and a rather large splinter rammed in between my thumb and my thumbnail. It was the worst pain I think I've ever experienced. I tried so hard to be brave, but after about 13 seconds, I simply screamed, "OH MY SWEET MOTHER OF GOD..." (I'll leave out the rest of that quote).

Then, the shelves hadn't been cut properly. So David sent me to the garage to cut off 1/8 inch from a particular shelf. I did that. Then the shelf was too small. So I informed David that he can't measure. That's didn't go over well.

But what you have to understand is that David and I don't fight. When we do strongly disagree, we express ourselves for a few minutes and then just let it go or agree to disagree. We're too tired to engage in knock-down-drag-outs.

But it was hysterical and now it's done. I'll post pictures soon. I'm heading to Tempe on Friday to get the cork for the floor and I'm also trying to find an upholstered rocking chair for her room that doesn't cost $1000. Any ideas anyone?

Part 2 shortly --- hint: it involves Grace's sudden preferences in clothing.



Hauswife said...

Ouchie! Ouchie! Ouchie! You are so funny, Liz! I hope your owie's all better now... Where's Part 2?