Friday, February 22, 2008

Hilarity - Part 2

Grace is 8. Last year I bought her much clothing in size 8 that was swimming on her. This year, she puts it on and it barely fits. So we had to go clothing shopping.

Up until 5 days ago, Grace wasn't at all picky about her clothing. I loved this. A) It was convenient, as I could pick up stuff as I found it on sale. B) It was convenient, as I didn't have to worry about getting her "approval" prior to purchasing clothes.

5 days ago, this all changed. As we entered Old Navy, it became clear that Grace had discovered her taste in clothing. I'd pick things up and ask, "What about this?"

"No thanks."

"What about this?"

"No thanks."

I was getting concerned. Then, she said, "THIS, Mom. I need THIS." It was an orange T-shirt (which I was later informed is her favorite color for clothing, which is odd since mine was black, navy, brown, gray, or anything else dark --- being the introvert that I was at her age). The only issue I had was that it had pirate regalia on it. Not inappropriate pirate regalia. In fact, really only pirate-like if you skewed your imagination, but nevertheless.

Then I see this season's must-have: retro plaid. Love it. It screams Hawaii, if you ask me. But Grace? "I don't like plaid."

I thought I would kill myself right then and there.

I mean, how would I satisfy my craving for this vintage style if my daughter wouldn't wear it and my next daughter isn't yet home TO wear it?

So, I spoiled the boys with vintage plaid shorts. They still don't care about their clothes, so I'll take full advantage of it.

An hour later, we emerged with some good bargains and clothing I didn't feel awful about. She did grab some lacey number in Justice, to which I said, "NO," to which SHE rolled her eyes, and then we left.

I have a feeling that the next few years will be filled with many of those moments.


Lori said...

Oh boy Mommy, your little one is getting a little bit bigger! :(

It's good to get a sense of oneself, as long as it's not "your/my" kid!!! :)

Hauswife said...

Oh, how I remember that transition so well. Just wait, baby... 13's comin'! Marg's a BEAR to shop with! :S