Monday, April 7, 2008

Hangin' In!

Well, folks, we're #4!

I swear, the closer it gets, the harder it gets. I mean, early on, we KNEW we weren't going to get a referral that particular month, and while it was hard to know that we had at least a month to go, we also knew that we had at least a month to go. Know what I mean?

Now, it's like, "How many infant girls will come to HH this month?" Could it maybe be this month?

In all, we've been on one waitlist or another (Guatemala or Ethiopia) for over 8 months. And I'm ready to be on another waitlist - the TRAVEL waitlist!

The new dog is doing famously. Except for the fighting with Humphrey and peeing all over my office. But, hey, low expectations. I hope to post photos soon.

George came downstairs yesterday and said, "I found a marker with a 'ssss' on it." For the moms - the "ssss" stood for Sharpie. For the non-moms, Sharpie is a permanent marker. He drew all over his stomach in it, but at least he didn't hit his face! I figure it'll be a week or so before it begins to fade. Then last night, he found a green permanent marker (I'm not completely sure where they are coming from, but Jack has been "borrowing" things from school so it's possible that they belong there). That one DID hit his face. Much scrubbing later, it's off, but his face is all red instead. Oh well.

In more exciting news, Henry announced this morning that he wants to be an author! Yeah! I'm sure it'll last 48 hours or less, but for those 48 hours, I'm so proud. He said, "How do I be an author? I don't know how to spell all the words! Do they give me the words and then I just copy them?" 

"Um, no. That's not what you do. That's called plagiarism and you get in big trouble for that."


"Never mind."

Grace has finally moved on from wanting to be a waitress. She wanted to be a waitress for the first 8 years of her life. Not that there's anything WRONG with that, but... Now she wants to be a vet, which I find humorous since she can't stand even feeding our dogs because their dry food is "gross." Hmmm. 

Off to the bookstore - my home away from home.


God Gift From Ethiopia said...

This is so hard right. We are #5 on girls, right behind you and #2 on boys. This wait is killing me.

Kerri said...

Waiting stinks!!! Hope this is your month!
Kerri and Ruby

Stephanie Breemes said...

Praying for a "quick delivery" this month! Love, love, love the nursery! Hope all of you are wonderful! We miss you!

be_a_Mary said...

OK, I demand a new post!! how are you doing with the waiting? thinking of you!