Sunday, March 30, 2008

Finis! (I think that's how you spell it)

I am oh-so-pleased to report that after an awful lot of work...and rework...(and a good bit of profanity), the baby's room is finished. A few final touches remain (which I won't draw attention to), but for all intents and purposes, it's done!

The fabulous crib was a gift from my sweet parents who, God bless them, are (I think) terrified of exactly how many children we're going to end up with. One thing David and I have tried hard to communicate is that we don't want anyone else ever to see this flock of ours as cause for anxiety because it's "one more to buy for." But my parents have always found a way to welcome each of our kids, and this sweet new baby girl is no exception. The crib came at the perfect time as well, since the night before I got it David finally came to accept that the one we've used for eight years simply was not going to safely assemble a fourth (or is it fifth?) time. Clearly, my mother figured this fact out before he did.

Now, I had hoped to time this whole project perfectly: finish room, get referral next day. It didn't work out that way. So now I need another project. Therefore, Dog #2 is coming home tonight. Bodhi, the 7-week-old German Wirehaired Pointer that David's been dreaming about for years will finally find her place in our humble home at about 9:00 this evening after having her official German Deutsch Drath Harr (or some such thing) number TATTOOED into her ear. Good Lord - is she a dog or a cow, one might wonder.
This is her two days ago. More pictures to come! She is a sweet little thing. George (the 3 year old) picked her up and carried her around in a manner that did not look comfortable and she just went limp and let him carry her. That was when she got my vote of approval.
Stay tuned!


Kerri said...

Love the nursery!
Kerri and Ruby

Michael and Michelle said...

Have you gotten your monthy update call yet? We are still waiting on ours.
Just thought I would check.
Nice nursery!

Hauswife said...

It's GORGEOUS! WOW, you did such a fabulous job on the nursery! Now it just needs to get filled with your precious pink bundle!

Congrats on your other new "baby", too. She's a beauty!