Thursday, May 15, 2008

Gracey Kate's debut

Several weeks ago, Grace came home from school and announced that there was a talent show happening and she wanted to be in it.


She then mentioned that she'd need this, that, and the other thing for the audition.

Audition? What audition? You mean that 3rd graders have to audition for a talent show? Like, some kids (who are as young as 5, seeing that kindergarten was included as well) might not get in? Icky. Didn't like that. I mean, these are the sorts of moments when you realize that there are experiences to be had as a parent for which you can positively never be prepared.

I quickly realized, however, that perhaps this provided a good opportunity for her to try out for something, have to practice, believe in herself, and possibly deal with being told, "No."

Although, I was perfectly willing to put a smile on my face and then slap the person who told her No.

So, she selected a song and practiced and practiced (and practiced). In the bathtub, in the shower, in bed at midnight. I downloaded the karaoke version of her song and, even after insisting that she couldn't sing "without the real singers," she figured out how to do it.

So, today was the day. She sat stoically (those of you who know her will totally be able to see this) in her spot as #17 for about an hour before it was her turn. No emotion on her face. I thought I was going to throw up.

At one point, when I noticed that some kids were holding the mic (and knowing she had planned for it to remain on its stand so that she could do the arm movements she'd choreographed), I sneaked over and asked her if she planned to hold the mic or not.

"I don't know, Mom." Didn't even look at me.

I immediately returned to my seat.

When it was her turn, she got up there and did her thing like she's been doing it all her life. In front of the entire K-5 classes AND all of their parents! She indeed held the mic and modified her arm movements accordingly. We were very proud of her! We told her what a great job she did when she was finished and she said, "I was really scared. Really scared. Terrified. Really scared." We said, "Yes, but you did it anyway. That's so great!"

"Yeah, really scared."

Now she's talking about hosting a penguin or something for the summer. I don't care if there are auditions for this. We're not doing it.


Kerri said...

I read the post the other day but couldn't watch the video until now. How awesome that she was able to get up there and conquer her fears like that. You go girl!!!
Kerri and Ruby

Hauswife said...

Bravo! Fabulous! She did a wonderful job! (standing ovation)