Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Newsflash: We are referral-less

I have no idea what's happened, but I'm laughing (otherwise I'd cry) because I've gotten a flood of emails in the last twenty minutes all from sweet, lovely people who, for some reason, think we've gotten our referral!

We have not. After 18+ weeks on the Ethiopian wait list (and that's after 5+ months on the Guatemalan wait list), we are still referral-less, but hopeful!

I am, however, hoping that all these folks thinking we did is either creating the energy that will cause us to get "the call," or is some sort of psychic vision on all of their parts, also indicating the the referral is 3 minutes or less.

We only know that the folks at #1 on boys (Paschalls) and the family at #3 on girls have received their referrals. Given that we were #4, the fact that those at #3 got their referral might create suspicion that we're now #1. HOWEVER, the family who was at #3 was open to a girl aged 0-24 months and they received a referral for a toddler. So, if the folks at #1 and #2 are waiting for a girl aged 0-12 months, and I think they are, and have not received their referrals, then we are still at #3. So, we're either #3, #2 or #1. But we are not referred. That much I know!

Now, does anyone have a CLUE what family is at #2 or #1 or know anything about their status? I've heard of a single break in the chain where a family remains anonymous, but two? I've not heard of that. I'm thinking that the families who are #1 and #2 are celebrities. A bit of sarcasm there, but that's how invisible they've been!

So, does anyone have ANY idea who is #1 or #2 (or where I actually fall on the referral list)? Trust me, when we DO get our referral, the entire world will hear about it!


God Gift From Ethiopia said...

I have no idea neither about who is 1 & 2. I missed my monthly called last Friday and Julie called me today (because I called asking for my monthly call)but she didn't changed my numbers at all because nobody accepted the referrals so far. So for her I am still #2 and #5. I was hoping to get some clarification from her but no. She said I can't said anything, that's our policy.

Kerri said...

I've been wondering about you lately. I have all my fingers and toes crossed that you get your referral very soon!
Kerri and Ruby

Jana said...

Hang in there Liz!!! I look forward to your good news that will inevitably come soon!!! Jana

be_a_Mary said...

:( thinking of you.

i don't know who is #1 or #2.

i pray that next week you get THE CALL! You've been at this SO long!!

Hauswife said...

Well, POO! :( But, it'll be soon, Lizzie! So, we'll save the happy dance for you until then. :)

julie_joshb said...

Oh Liz...thats so funny NOT funny. Its b.c someone has on their blog that u got your referral and now that I am back to blog stalking I saw it! Anyway ITS your turn soon okay! xoxo Julie2