Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I honestly didn't think there could come a time when I'd believe (more strongly than I have over the past 8 years) that there simply NEED to be more than 24 hours in a day!

I was wrong.

With 10 days to go, I'm a bit overwhelmed. Okay, frantic. But I'm going to make it.

My ticket is on hold and will be officially purchased tomorrow. Let's ignore chatter about its cost, shall we? It wasn't pretty. Totally worth it. Not pretty.

I finally started packing. I'd done the majority of my shopping a week or so ago, but yesterday I entered my closet no fewer than 8 times intending to start packing only to take one look at the bags of stuff, feel the beginnings of a panic attack, and escape to check email. Today, Gracey and I began with her trying to choose clothing for her sister and me trying to figure out what to put where in case all luggage gets lost.

We found out today that "N" is a lot smaller still than we'd anticipated she'd be, so I had NO clothes that would fit her. I'll be making a run to Babies R Us on Friday, when my nifty coupon becomes effective, to remedy that situation. My mom has put herself in charge of pajamas and is working to get 5 pair that she claims I'll hate (we have completely different opinions on what baby girls should wear; she's a pinafore gal, I'm a rock star gal). But I'm sure I'll love them. That poor woman entertains a phone call from me about every 6 seconds (again, trying to avoid the packing nightmare) and I think she feels like she's got to do SOMETHING so she's buying pajamas.

I will, unfortunately, miss George's 4th birthday by one day. This is not affecting him in the least. He could not care less as long as he has his Go Diego Go cake WITH Baby Jaguar. So, come hell or high water, I committed to finding the perfect cake. But then there's Aunt Heather, who swooped in and said, "Think never again about the cake. I'm on it. It'll be there. Not sure how, but it will." I love Aunt Heather.

I'm now going to bed. More tomorrow...


Sam said...

congrats!!! does this mean no bu 08 for you???? How exciting that you are almost on your way

The Gresham Clan said...

HOLY MOLY - I have been so out of the loop and haven't checked my email or blog for days! I am SOOOO SUPER excited for you! I'm going to email you today and respond to your email! Sorry I haven't gotten to that until today. We'll talk soon over email :)! HOORAY!!!