Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Here is a photo from yesterday, when the temperature was 72. Don't you just want to butter her up and have her for dinner? She's so fantastic. And she has hardly any hair. If you want to see the photo bigger, just click on it.

Another uneventful New Year's Eve is behind us. David and I made it until 10:30; it was a record. I had to see Dick Clark, who is a staple of my New Year's Eves, and I did that. Anything beyond that was gravy.

Today the kids made New Year's Resolutions. They were interesting.

1. Play soccer, football and games with my family.
2. Play with Nina.

I suggested that he could perhaps agree to actually sit by me for 2 minutes per day. He declined.

1. Sit by mom when she's sick (?) and other stuff.
2. Stop screaming and yelling

The "sick" comment likely is because I have no voice today. The kids are thrilled.
I can't wait for #2 to become a reality.

1. Play lots of games with my family.
2. Spend 1/2 the year doing everything with Papa and then spend the other 1/2 of the year doing everything with Mama.
3. Do things with Mama. Because no one ever does anything with Mama.

Amen to #3.

1. Finish my novel, Amazing Amy
2. Make new friends
3. Get straight A+ on report card
4. Stop chewing with my lips open
5. Save more money

She's not at all an over-achiever.

I'm only making one resolution for myself because I'm smart enough to know, at the ripe age of 36, that even one may not make it to fruition. But it's to finish MY novel (of which I've written a whopping 4 pages).

Okay, I do have one more. I'd like to get good at my guitar, which I've owned for 2 whole weeks. I'm terrified even to get it out of the case lest I can't play like Eric Clapton within 24 hours.

David won't let me post his resolutions. But they are very "organic," I'll say that.

Here are some photos from Christmas Eve:

Grace won't let an opportunity to get matching outfits for her and her sister go by!

This is as close to me as George got this holiday season. He is showcasing his watch from Aunt Mollie and Uncle Gary which was the hit of the season. Little did they know he'd been BEGGING for his own watch! It goes everywhere with him.
The boys. This is how we now photograph our family without an extra around to capture all of us together: boys in one shot, girls in another. The boys are wearing their shark tooth necklaces from Fiji, compliments of Grandpa Bill! They love them, and the sharks' teeth are really sharp! (I hope they don't decide to use them as weapons anytime soon.)

Happy New Year everyone!!


Kerri said...

Love the matching outfits!!! Medina loves for her and Ruby to be twinkies too!

jody said...

oh my gosh-that first picture of Nina-SOOOO CUTE!!!! We are very anxiously awaiting our referral (#2boy/#3 girl) and will hopefully have our own adorable hairball to gaze upon soon!!! (not that Nina has much hair, I am just saying is all.....)All your family pictures were so good-happy new year!!

Trendy Mindy said...

OK Liz I am going to eat her up!!! She is sooo freaking adorable - her wig/fro is ginormous :)!!! I literally screamed when I saw the new pic!!

Great to chat with you the other day -

ps our conversation inspired me to start my new blog today!!! check it out -

Happy 2009!! Mindy

Easties and Co. said...

What a cute chunky baby! ha ha! She is gorgeous. Happy New Year!

be_a_Mary said...

What great pictures!! I can't get OVER nina. she was this tiny little thing in July. what are you feeding her, good gollie? miss you.

The Redman's said...

I love seeing cutie Nina all chubby and with all that fabulous hair. How many times have I told you that she totally reminds me of Grace?? :) Grace went from 9 lbs. at 4 months to 20 lbs. at 9 months! She was a serious eater. But now she's only 24 pounds at 20 months. And, she just got her first haircut today! Yikes! Keep up the posts. I love reading them... and the pictures too. :)