Thursday, June 7, 2007

The Home Study Commences...

First of all, let me just say that my parents are in for QUITE a shock when they return from Europe on Monday. I really didn't want to tell them that we'd moved ahead with all of this over e-mail, so I'm waiting until they return. I'll have to choose my moment wisely; with the jet-lag, it may take them a while to process what I'm saying! But I always say, I like to do something crazy when people go out of town. When David leaves town, I typically redecorate a room. When my mother goes to Europe and is basically en communicado for three weeks, I have to get a bit more bold!

Our medical letters have been approved by our agency and we are, as of this morning, officially clients! Our home study will officially begin Saturday morning at 9:00AM with a visit from our social worker. I'm hoping the chaos doesn't prompt her to make an immediate recommendation of "absolutely, unconditionally, positively NO."

I've now documented more of my life than I ever have. I have photos of everything and everyone (including the new 3-bolt combination lock gun safe in our closet; that's really attractive, by the way). The dog's rabies vaccination is documented and my social security card has been located after several years of absence.

Every time I have to make a call related to this process, Grace says, "Was that about the adoption?" I say "Yes" and she asks, "Was it important?" which translates to, "Is she coming home yet?" I keep telling her it's going to be quite a while, and she continues to respond with, "Okay, well then can we just go shopping for her soon?"

I think I'll just put Jack in charge of all equipment because at the store yesterday we were evaluating items for Aunt Katie, and Jack was assessing them all as though he were judging them for some sort of consumer awards. He was like, "This one's too big," or "This one isn't very pretty" or "This one wouldn't be easy to hold."

I'm now off to clean. Jack and Henry claim they are going to clean their bathroom. I can't wait.