Tuesday, June 12, 2007

In other news...

I'm sorry, but this deserves a post all its own.

George is completely potty trained! He did it himself in about 4 days. One day, he just started running to the potty every 6 minutes. Of course, I thought it probably had something to do with the M&M rewards, but unlike the other kids, I never had to ask him if he needed to go. He just went!

Now, a week or so later, the process is complete. He's stayed completely dry the last two nights even! I'm sure having his three siblings cheering him on at every turn helped. Literally, the kid would sit on the potty for like 25 minutes at a time the first couple of days and either Henry or Jack would voluntarily sit in there with him and then if he went you'd hear this massive party going on in there. It was hysterical. For once, David and I were completely removed from the process!

I am so thrilled that I have not changed a diaper in nearly a week, and may actually get a year-long hiatus (after nearly 8 years of diapers) before we're back there again. But by then, I won't mind. After all, there will be a pink dress on over that diaper!!