Thursday, June 14, 2007

Missing Tooth

Does anyone notice anything different about this child?

During "rest time" today (which, let me tell you, has become a total exercise in futility), Jack and George were supposed to be watching TV in my bed, while Grace and Henry were supposed to be doing the same in the loft. From my office, I saw Henry and Grace run downstairs with looks of panic. Grace was pointing at Henry, but Henry looked fine, so I assumed she was about to tell me he'd busted through a wall, jumped from his bunk bed, or drawn on the TV.

I yelled, "It's REST TIME. Does ANYONE know what REST TIME is? It's a time to REST!"

No one was listening.

Grace came in and said, "Mom, Henry's tooth is loose."

Sure enough, his bottom tooth was quite loose. I told him to go upstairs, continue chewing on his apple, and REST! It seemed the tooth had a ways to go before it fell out.

Once they got the other kids involved, I could hear all kinds of analysis going on around how they could get it out, how badly it was bleeding (I could only imagine where the blood was being wiped), etc. Then came the yelling: "It's out! It's out!"

Sure enough, his tooth fell out. There are only two problems:

1. Jack is devastated. He said he's now the only big kid in the house who hasn't lost a tooth. I told him to go eat an apple.

2. They can't find the tooth that DID fall out! Jack and Grace are up there frantically searching for it while Henry watches cartoons.