Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A little politics...A little culture...

Today was, shall we say, interesting.

After dropping off Grace and Sunny at Camp Invention, I took the boys to the Secretary of State's office in downtown Phoenix to get twelve documents state certified for our dossier. Jack and George were ushered outside before I was finished (ushered by me) because they were having a spitting contest; who could soak the other more was the ultimate question, apparently. At one point, I casually reminded them that there was a jail nearby. That didn't seem to have much effect.

Afterward, we met David for lunch at the Cheesecake Factory (I shudder to think how much food that restaurant throws out by the end of each day; their serving sizes were designed for elephants!), and I took the boys to the Chinese Cultural Center in Phoenix, thinking they might enjoy looking at the Buddhas, the bonsai, and in the Chinese grocery. I think I had a FAR better time than they did! The market was fabulous - I felt like I was back in Asia. Unfortunatley, we had to leave when Henry's behavior became more abominable than anyone could tolerate (and I've seen it all). I hope to return one day soon with, perhaps, Grace, who I know will appreciate every inch of that place!

Our home study is almost completed, and when I received the draft today from our social worker, I was immeasurably pleased to read the following last line of the 10-page document:

"[Agency name] approves David and Elizabeth Lyons as potential adoptive parents." Well, praise the Lord! Let me tell you, I continued to repeat to myself, "You are likely on video camera. You are in the middle of a home study" as I trekked through the asian market with Henry on my heels chanting all sorts of inappropriate and unfortunate things at the top of his lungs!

All of our documents are ready to go. As soon as I receive two documents back from Illinois that are being state certified and our home study all will be sent and we'll wait! Right now, "just waiting" sounds really good!