Tuesday, July 24, 2007

"Now We Are Six" (All of us)...

Day Three.

We are all officially six: George thinks he's six, Jack and Henry are almost six, Grace is acting like she's six (months) old, and I turned six again when I boarded my boogie board (or "my board" as Jack calls it) and headed out to sea. The pictures below were snapped for my Dad!

Before I regale you with our day, let me share some other fantastic news: it appears that if FedEx does its job and gets our dossier to our agency overnight by Monday, we will go "on the list" for a referral on Tuesday. What's so great about that you might ask? Tuesday is George's birthday! Even more reason for celebration and a great way to remember the day we began officially waiting for our fifth child. Honestly, I knew our kids would be so excited to have a new sister, but I think I underestimated just how excited they would be. Grace talks about it constantly, as does George. Everytime we go out, Jack picks out baby items and says, "We need to get this for our new baby." I went into a baby boutique yesterday and almost emptied our checking account for my sister, so it's good our baby isn't here yet! I managed to exercise restraint even for Katie, but it was MOST difficult.

Here are some photos of our fabulous day today.

Mama hits the waves and waits for a big one. No one else was daring enough to wait for a "monster wave" as Grace called them.

Riding it to shore...

Jack caught a great one!

Going back for more:
Heading out with all four...

George thought he'd take a ride (but turned around once he hit the surf).

Grace and her new bikini. Her Target one did its job for a while, but by yesterday afternoon it was so stretched out it was almost indecent!

Liz's ergonomic sand beach chair

Jack: "I caught a huge wave, and then my board flipped." He's a surfer dude in training!

Grace and Jack sunning on the sand
George and his infamous boogie board!

George wanted a special picture of him being silly. Looks a lot like Henry!

If you can believe it, the most well-behaved child, and my almost constant companion for the past 3 days? Drum roll please...HENRY! He's been amazing. Some quotes that have come from his mouth: "It's OK if you want to go get the laundry Mom. I'll watch George." "You can keep looking at the brochures if you want, Mom. I'll go back to the room myself."
More later!