Sunday, July 22, 2007

Oh, how I love the beach...

Ah, the joy of store after store filled with the same shot glasses, T-shirts, sweatshirts, flip flops, hats, tacky magnets, and shell necklaces. There's simply nothing like the beach, and now that I'm here I realize that I must be here far more often. We are fully situated at El Cordova Hotel in Coronado, California. And I even managed to get everything from the packing list into the car (except the beach umbrella, which I mistakenly left in the back left corner of the garage).

On the way into town, Grace advised us of the breed of positively every dog we saw (and there were many). She has a dog book at home that teaches about all different breeds, and that's where she got the info. Her positive ID of a labrador retriever? Not surprised. Nor by her pointing out the poodle or the cocker spaniel. But when she shouted out, "That's a pembrooke welsch corgie!" I almost passed out. I was like, "A WHAT?" She repeated herself and then proceeded to spell it in case I needed even further clarification, which I did.

We hit the beach bright and early this morning, and were even able to rent an umbrella for $6 from a cute little shop named Little Sam's, which is right next to our hotel entrance; not a bad deal! The "bad deal" was that the umbrella was found to be broken upon attempting to erect it in the sand. I had to leave the beach to return to said shop to exchange it. Let me mention that we're using the beach at the Hotel Del Coronado across the street, and it's a fantastic beach. It's also HUGE. The walk just from the spot where we'd set up back to the sidewalk felt like miles. Grace agreed to go with me, and the cost of that companionship was a rented Little Sam's boogie board. All the child wanted to do was boogie board. My dad will be so proud! Here are Jack and Grace giving it a go ---

On the ride after this one, Grace flipped off the boogie board and went under. She came up hacking and spitting everywhere. I thought, "Well, that's the end of that." Once she could speak she said with great enthusiasm, "That was specTAcular!" and headed out again.

Henry, on the other hand, preferred to simply lie on the boogie board on practically dry land.

By the end of the day, the kids felt it was imperative that they have their own boogie boards. So, the boys "rested" and Grace and I went shopping. We bought the three older kids boogie boards, and when we got back George was wondering when he'd be big enough for a boogie board of his own. We'd seen a really small one on clearance for $3.99 so we went back and got it on our way to dinner and he could NOT be happier. He carries it everywhere, singing his boogie board song, "Riding the boogie board."

It's 8:30 and no one seems to be anywhere near sleep (except Sharon and me). George is lying on his boogie board.

I'm off to uncork a bottle of moscato. More tomorrow!