Sunday, March 30, 2008

Finis! (I think that's how you spell it)

I am oh-so-pleased to report that after an awful lot of work...and rework...(and a good bit of profanity), the baby's room is finished. A few final touches remain (which I won't draw attention to), but for all intents and purposes, it's done!

The fabulous crib was a gift from my sweet parents who, God bless them, are (I think) terrified of exactly how many children we're going to end up with. One thing David and I have tried hard to communicate is that we don't want anyone else ever to see this flock of ours as cause for anxiety because it's "one more to buy for." But my parents have always found a way to welcome each of our kids, and this sweet new baby girl is no exception. The crib came at the perfect time as well, since the night before I got it David finally came to accept that the one we've used for eight years simply was not going to safely assemble a fourth (or is it fifth?) time. Clearly, my mother figured this fact out before he did.

Now, I had hoped to time this whole project perfectly: finish room, get referral next day. It didn't work out that way. So now I need another project. Therefore, Dog #2 is coming home tonight. Bodhi, the 7-week-old German Wirehaired Pointer that David's been dreaming about for years will finally find her place in our humble home at about 9:00 this evening after having her official German Deutsch Drath Harr (or some such thing) number TATTOOED into her ear. Good Lord - is she a dog or a cow, one might wonder.
This is her two days ago. More pictures to come! She is a sweet little thing. George (the 3 year old) picked her up and carried her around in a manner that did not look comfortable and she just went limp and let him carry her. That was when she got my vote of approval.
Stay tuned!

Thursday, March 27, 2008


Oh dear lord, I was hoping it would never happen. But sweet Laurie has tagged me and I'm supposed to note random things about myself. Frankly, I think she's just mad that I haven't updated this blog in a week or so. But I'll indulge her because it will take my mind off the fact that we've been on the wait list for nearly 12 weeks and I'm losing patience!

Here goes:

1. In response to Laurie's revelation #46, I abhor tobacco. Always have. But I've apparently gone a bit too far in communicating this to my kids, as each time we walk past someone smoking, Henry covers his mouth very obviously and then states (loudly), "that smoke smells terrible. And his lungs are turning black." But Laurie, I do not judge. I couldn't think you are any greater!

2. I recently realized how much I love dogs. All dogs. Especially those without a home. If it were up to me, I'd be a dog whisperer and take them all in and train them to have wonderful manners and shake my hand upon seeing me each time I came through the door.

3. I am very, very blessed.

4. I've wanted to adopt internationally for about 15 years. Possibly more. I began thinking about China. Then Guatemala. Now I can't imagine our daughter coming from anywhere other than Ethiopia.

5. I love book covers. I will buy a book simply because it has a fabulous cover. It could be about porn and I'd buy it if it had a fabulous cover. Or a fabulous title.

6. I love bookstores. I can't go into one without buying something.

7. I have a stack of to-read books approximately 20 feet high.

8. I have great respect for everyone who homeschools, especially with the rash of violence in schools as of late (not to mention the fact that my 8-year-old daughter recently came home spouting something about the unacceptable calorie content of certain foods). However, I could not do it. I think I'd kill myself.

9. I've been watching Days of our Lives since I was about 18. The same characters have died and come back to life no fewer than 10 times. But I can't stop. You never know when one might die (or come back) again.

10. Ditto for General Hospital --- but there doesn't seem to be as much reincarnation there.

11. I love Frazier, Friends, and Everybody Loves Raymond reruns. I watch them every night to wind down from 9-10PM.

12. I think I'm secretly in love with Eckhart Tolle. He's just so enlightened!
13. I must have lunch with Ellen DeGeneres before I die. And Nate Berkus.

14. I plan to live to be 105 years old.

15. There is a dog barking outside right now. It's been going on for hours and I'm thinking of pulling an Elaine from Seinfeld. I wonder if Kramer is available for hire at this hour.

16. I would like to guest star on a sitcom before I die (which, again, will be at 105). One episode will suffice (unless they want me back).

17. I would also like to be in a music video. Preferably I'd like to be the one singing, but most everyone's let me know that ain't gonna happen in this lifetime (or with this voice).

18. My biggest pet peeves: folks who don't wave when you let them into your lane, people who take hours to back out of their parking spaces when you are obviously waiting, and people who say "Uh huh" when you tell them to have a nice day.
19. I love The New Yorker cartoons.
20. I need to own a beach house in this lifetime. No more than one block from the sand.
21. I am a speech pathologist at heart. I am fascinated with language development and all things sign language. I WILL be a sign language interpreter in this lifetime, preferable doing a lot of work with labor and delivery patients (could I have a more specific interest? No.).
22. I say "Dude" a lot. A whole lot.
23. I am going to SCREAM if we don't get our referral in the next two weeks!
Over and out...
I will now tag Julie and Karen.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I waited as long as I could and I finally had to email my poor case manager today to tell her that it was my problem, but I was chomping at the bit horribly. We've been on the Ethiopian waitlist now for 9 weeks, which isn't bad. However, we've been on SOME waitlist (either Guatemalan or Ethiopian) for nearly 8 months. I'm ready to move on to the next phase!

We're now #10 for a referral. My case manager assured me that, while it probably doesn't seem like we're making much movement (she's right), the reality is that there have been a lot of boy referrals lately. Just as it sometimes seems as if everyone around you is pregnant with a boy or a girl, so it goes with this process. The pendulum should shift soon and we should see some more significant movement on the list. Also, two families ahead of us are open to a boy OR a girl, and one family ahead of us has different age parameters than we do, so technically we could be further up on the list than #10 very soon.

I asked if it was within the realm of possibility that we might be able to possibly perhaps receive a referral in April, and we were told that yes, it was within the realm of possibility that we might be able to possibly perhaps receive a referral in April. So that felt good.

It was also nice to learn that children come into Hannah's Hope all the time. I had previously thought that it was sort of a "three out, three in" process. I was pleased to learn that, as long as capacity isn't exceeded, kids can come in at any time. So it's possible that in not too long, we could receive that long-awaited phone call.
Stay tuned!