Friday, June 13, 2008

For Michael and Heather, Part Deux

As promised, it's Michael's turn. Where does one begin? Here is an introductory list of all things fabulous about Uncle Michael.

1. Michael does this thing where, when he talks to you, he says your name all the time. Like, he won't just say, "You know, the thing is...," he'll say, "You know, Liz, the thing is..." I realized one day that NOBODY (in my world) does this and it's so great. It makes you feel like he's not just talking, but actually talking TO YOU consciously. I talk "unconsciously" all the time. I never stop talking. So this made me so aware of how I talk to other people and I try to use their name as often as I can in conversation.

2. He genuinely wants to know other people's names. In the grocery store, for instance. He doesn't check out and say, "Thank you" to the cashier. He says, "Thank you MIKE." So now I try to do this more, too. Because the cashier is a person, and "a person's a person, no matter how small" (said Horton). And no, I'm not insinuating that cashiers are small, so please don't send me a nasty comment about that.

3. He came over one Sunday and said, "Heather and I want to take the kids on a bike ride and up to get ice cream." I seriously almost felt his head to see if he was really sick. They took the kids, and David and I sat in separate rooms either working or watching football. Very romantic. Michael and Heather even did this activity AGAIN after the first time! I'd already selected them as godparents at this point, but this little gesture definitely sealed the deal as to their worthiness (and craziness).

4. I've never met a man so in love with his wife. It's really quite gross. He rarely calls her "Heather," in fact. He has all kinds of pet names for her, one of which is Tooter which I laugh at every time because, as those of you with boys know, "Tooter" is not necessarily a kind reference. When we had known each other for a bit, I asked how long they'd been married, sure that he'd say, like, two weeks. When he said almost 11 years I almost passed out. They're the ultimate.

5. Michael also has fantastic sayings such as, "I'm just saying" and "bad news bears" and my new all-time favorite (because I can't stop saying it), "off the hook." So, if I constantly tell any of you that something is "off the hook" and it gets you crazy, blame Michael.

6. He's extraordinarily diplomatic.

7. He's also a bit crazy, which helps balance the diplomacy. Like, he recently mentioned something about maybe wanting a second property in Panama. Panama!

8. He's not embarrassed to shout downstairs (okay, so he didn't know I was there), "Honey, I'm in the tub!" (For clarity, he was just informing her, not inviting her.)

9. He won't stop singing that song, "I'm going to write you a love song.." by Sara Bareilles which means no one around here can stop singing it either. I'm actually a bit annoyed with him over this one. It's in YOUR head now, too, isn't it? It won't leave anytime soon, either. Sorry.

10. He's not afraid to go on vacation with our family. It takes a big person, a saint as I previously mentioned, to be this brave. Now, they've only done it once, but we're keeping our fingers crossed for a repeat performance.

In short, the two of them together are sickeningly fabulous. And as it was with Heather's list, this is an unexhaustive one. Is unexhaustive a word? If it isn't, it is now. Who's this Webster guy anyway?


julie_joshb said...

Liz thanks for your point by point email on the napping OF COURSE u had me hysterical soon! xoxo