Thursday, June 12, 2008

For Michael and Heather

It is now time to write a post dedicated to the two greatest people on earth - Michael and Heather (now Aunt Heather and Uncle Michael to Little Miss Fantastic -- and likely the rest of our clan as well).

I simply cannot say enough fantastic things about these two. But I'll try. And this post will focus on Heather --- or Heather Together, as I call her.

Heather and I have only known each other for about 10 months. But I swear, it's like I've known her for 20 years. Not even kidding. She's unbelievable. She and Michael can NEVER move (they live right across the street) or we're outta here. And that won't make me happy cuz I love it here.

Here is an incomplete list of fabulous things about Heather Together:

1. She's so unbelievably together. She's a total rule-follower at heart, so of course, I completely get that.

2. She's VERY smart.

3. She knows all there is to know about the political realm and the people behind it which is fantastic because I know zero about this area and she doesn't laugh at me when I ask her what GOP stands for or, well, I won't put anymore examples here because if I did you might conclude that I really am an idiot.

4. She knows all kinds of "weird" things. Like, she'll mention some random and interesting tidbit about something that happened in the 1800s or something --- something pretty much no one else on earth knows.

5. She's an avid vintage "stuff" collector. Her entire house is vintage. She probably uses vintage toilet paper. It's ridiculous. I go into her house and I just want to buy things.

6. She's the bravest person I know.

7. She has never, and I mean NEVER said an unkind thing about anyone (and we've discussed some folks/situations that I thought definitely lent themselves to an unkind word or two, but I ended up uttering them for her and me alike).

8. She is AMAZING with our kids. She has the patience of a saint. And it takes a lot of patience.
It pretty much takes a saint. Maybe I should call her Mother Heather.

9. She is ridiculously modest.

10. She has crazy sayings (which I've adopted) like, "Easy peasy" and "Smartie" and "Simple Simon." Like, things aren't easy, they are "easy peasy" or "simple simon." And whenever anyone says anything even remotely intelligent, she'll say, "There you go smartie!" I particularly appreciate this because I feel less intelligent by the second.

11. She's gotten me to appreciate biographies, autobiographies, and all things historical. I pretty much can guarantee I'll never pick up another "fluff" book again.

12. She's gotten me to SO appreciate the color green!

13. She's totally and completely honest --- in a very respectful way.

14. She's never made me feel guilty about my Starbucks habit because hers is worse.

That list is completely just the beginning. But some things I simply must keep to myself! Plus, if I say too much more everyone will clamor for her. Kind of like a great babysitter. You have to keep some of the info close to your chest (or whatever the phrase is - something to do with cards, poker I think - I should ask Heather. She'll know.)

Tomorrow, I will dedicate my post too all things Michael. So stay tuned.


Hauswife said...

What a great friend! I bet she's very blessed by you too, Liz. :)

DC said...

Heather sounds like a great friend. I love the idea of dedicating a post to someone special in your life. :)