Friday, September 5, 2008

If you're as addicted to The Amazing Race as I am, you likely remember Blake Mycoskie, who ran the race with his twin sister many seasons ago. Blake started a fantastic charitable organization called TOMS Shoes for Tomorrow, which donates a pair of shoes for every pair you purchase to someone in need of shoes in the world. They do "shoe drops" here there and everywhere and have made a huge difference.

Today I got an email from TOMS (not from Blake personally, as that would have rendered me incapable of writing this email because I'd be passed out) alerting me to a new organization called Charity : Water. This organization was also created by a young kid - seriously, he was 31 when he formed it. Their goal is to bring clean, safe drinking water to everyone in the world who needs it. They started in Kenya, and tomorrow they will drill a well in Ethiopia. You can even watch the drill occur live through their website.

I was really touched by this --- and I think their approach is brilliant. If you're turning 33, for example, ask relatives to donate $33 to the organization in lieu of giving you a gift. This could be expensive for my relatives this year, as I think I'm turning 89. But as a heads up, this IS what I want this year for my birthday (which is on December 13th, lest you've forgotten). And I just checked my drivers license; while I feel 88, turns out I'll only be 36. Am I worth $36? Don't know. But these kids in Ethiopia without something we all take for granted each day --- safe, clean drinking water --- most certainly are!


Hauswife said...

Hey, if you're coming to CA, let's definitely get together! WOO HOO! LA or SD, either way. We (and Yateses live 10 min from us) are 45ish from LA and 90ish from downtown SD, so it's not a big deal. YEA! Let me know when your plans firm up. :D