Thursday, September 11, 2008

My Quest for Nick, Joe, and Kevin

First, Amber - thank you for the GH update. It is most validating (and frightening) to know that I appear to have been right in my assessment that Laura is only a vision to Lulu. More frightening that I could assess that in 4.6 seconds. Almost as easily as I can predict when John will say, "That's a fact" on Days of Our Lives.

Now, I got this email yesterday from the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas. I will admit, I've made it my life's mission to get to this resort someday. It simply looks too spectacular to miss out on. And with a family who LOVES water activities, this place seems like the place to be.

The major issue is that it's about the most expensive resort this side of its partner resort recently opened in...wait for it...Dubai.

So, I got this email yesterday announcing that they are running a special for their Jonas Brothers weekend December 12 - 14. Why would that interest me? Because it would interest Grace. Tremendously.

I'm not one of those give-them-all-they-want-and-then-some parents. I'm really not. But Grace ADORES the Jonas Brothers (like most other 9-year-old girls on the planet) and, truth be told, costs aside, she deserves to be in on this weekend. She's gracefully and quietly accepted the addition of a new child almost every year since she was two. She does her homework with little-to-no prodding or assistance from me, a fact I've only recently come to truly appreciate since getting her brothers' homework done every night requires a little prayer and a lot of liquor. She's writing a book and she secretly dedicated it to me and promoted MY books thereafter (which I'm not supposed to know, but I saw the dedication page). She's a great kid. And I'd LOVE to spend the weekend (which happens to be the weekend of my 36th birthday, if I haven't mentioned it) with her and the Brothers Jonas.

So, the DAY AFTER I received this email, I call the resort to find out just how accurate the "starting at" prices mentioned in the email are. I mean, like, does "starting out" mean "the cost of parking at your local airport?" Because that's often how it works.

It doesn't even matter. The show is sold out. Already. How can that be? I asked. I just received the email yesterday! It's like the email was just a way of saying, "Nah Nah Nee Boo Boo; We'll be there without you!" So wrong.

The reservations agent said, "We have accommodations available, but not show tickets."

Oh, yes, because that would go over real well. "Guess what, sweetie? The Brothers Jonas are here, on the property, singing! No, we can't go. But they're HERE!"

So, what I'm getting at is, does anyone know anyone who might know anyone? Long shot, I know. But I just thought I'd put it out there. I mean, no concert is EVER truly sold out. The fancy people can always get tickets. I'm not fancy. But maybe some of my readers are. Or maybe they know someone who is. Six degrees of separation and all. Kevin Bacon anyone?




Dawn said...

Hmm..sorry to disappoint but NO connection to the Jonas Brothers. What a great mom you are though to do that for her!! Good luck with finding some tix. And let's see - the only famous person I know is umm.....yeah....nobody - sorry.

Hauswife said...

ACK! I totally want to go there, too! Someday...

I've seen Kevin Bacon in concert twice. Does that count?


Melissa said...

Yeah, let me call my people for you.
I don't really have any people. I'm just a fixer and wish I could help.
If she'd be satisfied with a six year old singing every word to every song, off key, I've got your hook up.