Friday, August 17, 2007

Mohawk Madness

They're not permanent, but I figured that I could sort of give them what they wanted for 12 hours since they needed haircuts anyway. The "strip" will be shaved off tomorrow morning! But for now, they think they are most cool. Henry keeps yelling at Grace to "not mess up my STYLE!"

We were addicted to America's Got Talent this season and this past week when Butterscotch, the beat boxer, did her thing, George listening intently and then commented, "Hey, that's not bad!"

Of course, while I was AGAIN on the phone with my sister the other night, I heard a blood curdling scream and joked that I was going to have to hang up again and head back to the ER. Imagine my shock (so much shock that the first two words out of my mouth were "Oh Sh*t!") when George came running in and had split his eyebrow AGAIN about 1/2 mm under the first cut! I managed the stop the bleeding on that one after thirty minutes or so and we avoided the ER.

George also now has an older girlfriend. Hannah is in Jack and Henry's class and she is completely smitten with him. She's a peanut - she's only about 2 inches taller than George and they probably wear the same size clothing. But she just loves him and this morning, he said, "Bye Hannah. Have a good day at school!" Kills me.

Everyone is waiting on pins and needles for the High School Musical 2 premier tonight. Then, the weekend awaits. Yeah! I only wish it were going to cool down! Nothing under 110 in the forecast, I'm afraid.


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