Thursday, August 2, 2007

On The List!

We've officially done it! We've gotten on The List for a referral!
We went on the list on George's birthday, which was quite significant for us. The bad news is that we're #53, so it could be a while. I'm not entirely sure just how long, but a while. But David notified me that 53 was his high school basketball number, so perhaps that's significant. We'll wait patiently and know that we have plenty going on here in the meantime.

I'm also pleased to report that they did take me at INS (now USCIS) yesterday! I took Grace with me, and at one point, the old cranky security guard said that no kids were allowed in the building. Um, okay? I said, "What should I do with her? Put her in the hot car?" He acquiesced. Thankfully, he was the only angry one there, and everyone else was lovely to work with. We were out in about 34 minutes. I am VERY happy to have that overwith!

In other news, it's more humid than I remember it ever being in Phoenix, but the temperature is only in the 90s, so I suppose I should not complain. I got my table saw all tuned up this morning in anticipation of beginning some interior design projects when the kids start school on Monday. George unfortunately now does not start until Sept. 4th, but that's okay. He and I will be tearing the town up looking for lumber, smoothies, and air conditioned venues and I'm looking forward to spending that time with him without anyone pushing anyone, yelling at anyone, or throwing things at anyone (at least not in my presence).

More soon!