Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Brief Nina Update...

First, a quick little "Hi" to Trendy Mindy, whom I've not yet met or corresponded with directly but who always posts such nice comments on my blog entries. Thank you - this does not go unnoticed!

Second, a little update medically on Little Miss Fantastic. She had her first pediatrician appointment this morning. You'd think this could have been well-coordinated in advance, and it was, but of course a wrench got thrown into things last minute.

Henry stayed home sick yesterday with a fever and a lot of aches. This morning, he wasn't doing much better, so I determined --- because, of course, I always have all the answers --- that he had strep throat. David didn't agree, but because David was in charge of taking George to his first day of preschool, I decided to call the doctor and see if we could get Henry in. Now, again, the call went like this:

"Hi. Henry has strep. Yes, I'm sure. Yes, I remember that I was sure last time and was also wrong. But this time I'm really sure. Can you get him in just for a culture? Oh, and it needs to be between 8:50 and 9:30. No? Can't do that? Okay - how about 10:15? Yes? Great."

You might wonder if this appointment was made with the same pediatric group I was taking Nina to. The answer? No. You see, our pediatric group, as I've mentioned, is really far away, so when there are issues like assumed strep throat we just take the kids to our family doctor, who is only 20 minutes away.

David's plans to hit the grocery store during the 1 1/2 abbreviated hours George was at school (abbreviated for the first 3 days) were canceled due to the inability to have groceries sitting in the car while he was in the doctor's office given that it's still 110 out. So we'll be eating PB&J tonight for dinner...again.

And all that reorganizing of schedules and plans? It was well worth it. Because his strep culture? Negative. So I'm not ALWAYS right (but I usually am).

Anyhoo - Nina weighed 12 lbs. 9 oz which is in the 32nd percentile, so that's good. She was 24 inches, which was in the 50th percentile which seems about right because I'm sure that even SHE will be taller than I am.

The doctor said she looks really healthy. Developmentally right on track. She did have to get FIVE shots (which is the standard now at 2 months, so she's only one set of shots behind), which included, I think, 7 vaccines.

We do need to consult with the pediatric cardiology group at Phoenix Children's Hospital because Nina does have what's called a Ventricular Septal Defect. It's a small hole between the lower chambers of her heart. The doctor said that the murmur was really quiet today so it could just be a Quiet Murmur Day OR the hole could be closing, which would be fantastic!

It was also recommended that we do an official newborn screening on her. This checks her thyroid and some other things and also checks for metabolic disorders and whatever else Arizona tests for in newborn screenings, which I understand isn't nearly as much as some states are testing for (of course -- because we live HERE). She also wanted to do some basic testing to check for Hep C, all STDs, etc. Fine.

So, I wasn't pleased that I'd have to go to a general lab around here because 1) they are always packed and 2) I knew that the phlebotomists (by the way, did you KNOW that to become a phlebotomist you don't have to have any formal training whatsoever? Like, I could go in there tomorrow, fill out an application, and be drawing your blood next week?) would just dig and dig around in her little arms. So, David, being at the OTHER doctor, mentioned to the P.A. there (who we love) what we needed and she said to bring Nina right over and she'd do the bloodwork for us. Wonderful.

Now, it didn't go perfectly. There was some digging in her left arm. We then moved to the right. That didn't look good either. Neither did the hand. She said we might have to go into her foot. "Fine, just not her head," I said.

On the second try, she got a good vein in her right arm and got what she needed. She said Nina has tiny veins. Of course she does.

Now I only have to take her to the lab for the heel prick for the PKU and the overall newborn screening. That I can handle.

She's now sleeping, as she deserves to be doing. The sick clown is NOT sleeping, nor is his younger brother. But I've got, maybe 15 more minutes of peace and I intend to enjoy every second.

Coming Soon...Tuesday in Ethiopia!


Hauswife said...

Whew! I'm still a little dizzy from all that phlebotomy talk... Not great with needles.

Your life sounds like my life, Liz dear. We should talk. I love your stories of daily life. :)

Trendy Mindy said...

Hi Liz!! Thanks for the comments to me:)!! I am soo new to this blogging world - my hubs thinks I am nuts. Always giving him updates on other people's Ethiopian babies...ahhhh but I love it!

Mailed in the last piece of my info for my application today! YEAH!! Onward we go -

You are actually on my AGCI contact list as a reference....:)!!

Erica said...

WOW! She's beautiful! Praying all goes well with the heart doctors at PCH. I seriously didn't know you lived here. Oh and a funny - my nephews are George and Henry. George George Jr. and Henry George to be exact.