Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Quick Update...

Two posts in one day. I must be bored. :)

Just wanted to quickly add that I've already waffled back on the homeschooling idea. Won't surprise most people. For those who've asked, the online academy to which I referred is called K12. The website is They are an official public charter school in many states, including Arizona. So you get the public school curriculum, resources, etc. but your kids can also work ahead of their grade (or behind) if necessary. And you don't spend 397 hours a day on school work! (But you do spend 4-5, supposedly.)

However, after a few hours of thought I've realized that right now this really may be over my head. I tried some new tactics with the boys' homework tonight. You know, a little bribery, a lot of negotiating, a little screaming (on Henry's part, not mine).

When Henry spelled the word "could" properly but Jack spelled it "phlks" I sighed. And when Jack correctly calculated that 4+2=6 but Henry calculated the answer as 79 I sighed more loudly. I honestly think I might consider suicide if this were the dynamic that constituted my entire day. Or even half of it.

I'm not ruling anything out (those of you who know me well know I rule nothing out...ever). But dealing with those sorts of answers all day long? And the screaming? And the fact that at one point, their approach to the word "but" was to laugh hysterically for, like, 10 minutes even after I explained that it's the "but" as in "I'm getting very angry, BUT I'm trying to stay calm" and not the "butt" like "I think I'm getting ready to kick yours!" Hell, that made them laugh even harder!

Maybe I should leave all this up to the professionals (even though I know I could do it better!) Just sayin'.


The Redman's said...

Oh- how I battle the "to Homeschool or not" dilemma!! Currently we're on the public Ed tract, but we'll see. I taught elem. ed for 10 years, and I agree with what you said that most classrooms teach to the "average". And, the ones that get the extra help and support are almost always the students who are struggling. The districts need to keep their test scores up, so all money is dedicated to getting kids on "standard" and there's rarely anyone to enrich and challenge the ones that need that too-- those kids won't lower the test scores!!

Sorry to get on my soap box!!!

Jake's "need" right now is social skills, so he's staying put at the school he's at, but as he matures, I'm going to reevaluate the school situation. He's an active one, but already reading at the 1st/2nd grade level and he still has another year before Kindergarten. That year might be rather interesting!!! Keep the posts coming about what you decide... I'm always interested to see how families make it work. But... if you can handle another year, or even half a year in public school, I'd keep them there while you, and everyone else, adjusts to life with a new baby at home... rather than tackle babyhood and learning to homeschool all at the same time!! But, that's just my opinion. :)


Hauswife said...

LOL, I rode this wide spectrum for a long time, too! By the way, my mother has those same health concerns when we talk about adding another little Hausam to the bunch... Our poor mamas.

I think that charter school sounds amazing, and very supportive, not overly expensive because it's state materials, etc. Great! BUT, I do have to say that homeschooling is extremely challenging. It tends to take over all of life, robbing you of any minute to yourself. It's dang hard! BUT, it's also the best job in the world. It's a treat to be with the kids all day, involved in the nitty gritty of their education, being aware of everything they're exposed too, and on and on. It's a control freaks dream :P, and a HUGE responsibility.

I tell every mom who is considering homeschooling -- GO FOR IT!.. and... make sure that you're being called by God, because it's like being a missionary. You're a big target for the enemy, you'll get very very tired sometimes, and you'll feel inept a LOT. But, it's worth it.

That said, leaving it to the professionals is also a great decision. You need to find what works for YOUR family and YOU and embrace it!
My 2 cents.

Sharon Auberle said...

LOVE this music, what is it?