Friday, August 29, 2008

Oh Henry

I really don't think I should dilute the hilarity of this video by adding anything additional to the post. But maybe it's so funny to me because I know its star so well. Clearly, Nina is a very patient child.

I do need to point out that coming out of Henry's mouth repeatedly in the beginning is the phrase, "Who's the cutest one? Whoooo's the cutest one?" which is what he says to Nina when he's acknowledging her existence. The part later on about "Drink the milk!" also gets me just hysterical.

"Thursday in Ethiopia" is coming...I promise.


Mom said...

Good lord! Can anyone remember what life was like BEFORE Henry? You GO, Nina!

Love, Grammy

jody said...

ok, first of all, Nina is SO FREAKING CUTE I cannot stand it!!!!!! Oh my gosh, when she was drinking and her giant eyes were looking at the camera, toom uch!!

Second, Henry has an identical personality twin in my oldest daughter :)

I think Nina loved being held by the top of her head, btw :) haha-I laughed out loud :) I cannot stand the wait for our referral now-too much cuteness!!!

The Redman's said...

That was good therapy for me today!! The phrase, "How am I going to survive you" went through my head numerous times today with my boy!!!! Thanks for the laugh!!! And just like a little dream... Nina seems to just go with the flow!! Precious!

Sharon Auberle said...

There is a Henry & Nina fan club here in Door County (besides me) cute! and, of course, Miss Gracey and Jack...can't wait to see you all,
and who could forget George!
Liz, in your spare time I think you should write a book about this gang...

Jana said...

Oh my gosh, what a great family!! Too cute, loved the toot-burp comparison, that's a boy for you!! LOVED the arm hold, it looked so natural and comfortable for all those involved.